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San Diego Nature Photography/ La Jolla Cove

San Diego Nature Photography/ La Jolla Cove

All images captured by medium format Film camera Mamiya 645

It was mid January.  My husband and I came to visit sunny, San Diego, to enjoy the city and celebrate our 4 year anniversary.

All four days that we spent in this fantastic city was extremely memorable and amazingly warm.  I couldn’t ask for a better long weekend in January.

The first fun filled day began in the world famous San Diego Zoo.  I have visited so many zoos around the world, but my main goal was to see San Diego’s Zoo

main attraction, the Panda.  After walking around the zoo for over an hour, we finally saw the Panda, but it was asleep!  Everyone around was slightly disappointed and all you

could hear was “Awwwwwwwww….”

Our second day brought us to the beautiful and famous Coronado Hotel and La Jolla Cove.

The biggest surprise came when we arrived in La Jolla and saw all the Sea Lions laying everywhere out in the open; on the street, on the stairs, on the beach and on the grass with

no fear of the humans surrounding them.  It was nice to see the Sea Lions and humanity co exist so peacefully and naturally.

Our third day brought us to another main San Diego attraction:  Sea World!  It started off with the small, tiny, cute penguins playing with each other in an open field without any borders.

Next we saw some cute dolphins that seemed to be in a state of continuous happiness.  Finally, we ended the day with the main attraction in Sea World, the Killer Whale show.  The size, agility, and beauty of the whales is unlike anything I have ever seen.  They are spectacular creatures that never cease to amaze!  (Included below is a short video clip of the Whale Show!)

Our 4th and final day ended with a special 4 year anniversary photo session.  This is another story for a another blog post.  Until next time, enjoy!

Bay Area Film Photography

Beautiful Flamingos

photography by aizhan FILM-2photography by aizhan FILM-3photography by aizhan FILM-5photography by aizhan FILM-6photography by aizhan FILM-7photography by aizhan FILM-8photography by aizhan FILM-9photography by aizhan FILM-12photography by aizhan FILM-13photography by aizhan FILM-14photography by aizhan FILM-15photography by aizhan FILM-17photography by aizhan FILM-18photography by aizhan FILM-19photography by aizhan FILM-20photography by aizhan FILM-21photography by aizhan FILM-25photography by aizhan FILM-26photography by aizhan FILM-31photography by aizhan FILM-32photography by aizhan FILM-35photography by aizhan FILM-36photography by aizhan FILM-37photography by aizhan FILM-24

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